Static Glow Sounds

Static Glow Sounds is an instrumental project. Here I blend my love for the late 70’s and 80’s sounds with influences of more modern electronica and indie pop from the early 2000s. Through ambient synths and organic beats my aim is to create colourful sound scapes with intriguing rhythms. 

Paper Twins

This indie duo was formed in 2019 together with fellow producer and songwriter Staffan Carlén. Together we explore different musical genres and sonic expressions.

Mild Youth

Mild Youth is a indie project with Anton Sällberg and me, and with the occasional visit from Daniel Nordén. Creating a song can sometimes take time, and in this band there’s no rush…

Composer & Songwriter

These are a collection of instrumental and vocal tracks written for use in videos and movies, or for just setting the right mood.

Production & Mixing

During the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with some very talented bands and artists. Here’s a collection of songs were I have been brought on as a mixer, engineer and / or producer.

Contact me: erik(a)