Erik Fernholm started out as the singer and guitarist in a teenage punk rock band and quickly discovered his passion for writing songs and to explore different genres and sounds. The punk driven songs later evolved into some 60’s and 70’s inspired singer-songwriter and pop-rock songs. Later this led him to form the indie rock group Atlantic Driftwood, together with Anton Sällberg (drums), Hjalmar Hurtig (bass) and Daniel Nordén (guitar).

During the years following, the interest and skills for recording and producing grew and grew which in 2014 led to the bands debut album Shifts. Parallell to this he had begun mixing and recording other bands and started working as a mixing assistant for producer and mixer Pelle Gunnerfeldt in Studio Gröndahl. This later led to a couple of years at the Ingrid Studio were Erik took on the role as an in-house engineer. There he had the opportunity to work with Miike Snow, Amason and Amanda Bergman among others. Inspired by some of the music and artists at Ingrid, Erik started to explore more synth driven electro pop with the band Mild Youth which he had formed together with some of the former members of Atlantic Driftwood.